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IoT In Smart Mining

Artificial Intelligence technology is without a doubt taking over the fields of farming and mining. It is solely promoting sustainable mining and will thus be the prime mode through which several mining companies will boost efficiency gains, limit and reduce costs, and boost profitability for overcoming price volatility in the upcoming years. The introduction and implementation of the Internet of things (IoT) have been a boon for varied elements like inter-networking of varied physical devices such as vehicles, electronic devices, mining equipment, buildings, and even sensors for optimization.

In a nutshell, IoT has proven to help overcome demanding challenges that the mining industries face, including workers’ safety and health. It further promotes sustainability of the environment, boosts productivity and efficiency, looks into labor shortage, and even limits operational cost. Mining companies are thus now grabbing their attention towards AI for gaining a competitive edge over the marketplace and ultimately boosting their business operations.

Exploratory and Production Drilling

    The Drill Manual cycle  involves:
  • Moving & setting up the drill to the desired location,
  • Levelling up and start drilling,
  • Applying adequate load or energy to drill
  • Cleaning the drill and hole
  • Removing the drill after completing the hole

Predective Maintenance

Operations Optimized, Improved productivity Reducing Cost. Sensors on mining equipment trigger alerts to predict failures before they occur, proactively carry out maintenance before the problem can halt operations. Monitor the equipment and its performance.
  • Prevent problems
  • Monitor logistics and equipment
  • Improve quality control
  • Adapt production to match demand
  • Weather & ground conditions

Smart inventory management

Spare parts are to be handy for unexpected repair and maintenance.  With the help of AI companies can
  • Optimize the quantity of spare parts
  • Issue orders at the appropriate time and sell any unused inventory

Autonomous Vehicles

  • Autonomous truck have reported a 15% reduction in operation costs
  • These autonomous trucks can operate 24/7 without the need of rest breaks and changes in shift.

Mining Operations

    Mining by its very nature is a dangerous and hazardous operation
  • Limited working space,
  • Poor lighting,
  • Hazardous waste and Poisonous gases,
  • Poor air supply,
  • Use of explosives,
  • Unstable roofs

Improve traceability and visibility

AI & IoT automates tasks By  limiting  human intervention and provides real-time visibility into critical operations by analysing the  data & providing of visual graphs related to :
  • Drilling
  • Pit controlling,
  • Mine planning,
  • Worker status and location

Energy and cost benefits

AI  & control systems would produce MIS reports which can
  • Monitoring of the parts
  • Cost spent on Labor gradually reduces
  • Safety
  • Efficient Production & Inventory Management
  • Time Saving