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Smart Farming Solutions

Smart farming is a unique, efficient, and Avant-garde system of growing food and doing agriculture in a rather sustainable way. Smart Farming is a comprehensive concept that comes under farming. It is generally sensor-monitored and software-managed. It is briefly associated with the internet of things (IoT) and cloud applications such as big data for assisting, regulating, monitoring, optimizing, and examining operations such as soil, quality, temperature, resource management, and so on. Such information can play a vital role in helping farmers make informed decisions for securing the public health, environment, even the socio and economic equity required for boosting the quantity and quality of products as well as improving rural development. In addition to this, it promotes enhancing rural territories and developing social links amid the urban and rural worlds.

Services offered

Increased Production

Optimized crop treatment such as accurate planting, watering, pesticide application and harvesting directly affects production rates.

Real-Time Data and Production Insight

Farmers can visualize production levels, soil moisture, sunlight intensity and more in real time and remotely to accelerate decision making process.

Increased Quality of Production

Analyzing production quality and results in correlation to treatment can teach farmers to adjust processes to increase quality of the product.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

All conservation efforts such as water usage and increased production per land unit directly affect the environmental footprint positively

Equipment Monitoring

Farming equipment can be monitored and maintained according to production rates, labor effectiveness and failure prediction. 

Water Conservation

Weather predictions and soil moisture sensors allow for water use only when and where needed.

Lowered Operation Costs

Automating processes in planting, treatment and harvesting can reduce resource consumption, human error and overall cost.

Accurate Farm and Field Evaluation

Accurately tracking production rates by field over time allows for detailed predicting of future crop yield and value of a farm.

Remote Monitoring

Local and commercial farmers can monitor multiple fields in multiple locations around the globe from an internet connection. Decisions can be made in real-time and from anywhere.