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Industrial AI, in brief, is a spectrum of applications that design and extract data insights. This information further gives industries the real chance at managing and regulating their resources much more effectively. Industrial AI further offers complete guidance to companies and industries so that they can automate to serve better services. Industrial AI works as a rather profitable and reliable application for supporting your business operations.

Industrial IoT Features

Business Process Redesigning & Automation

To reduce Costs, optimize capacity, keep downtime to a minimum.

Automatic Detection of Anomalies & Defects; Condition Monitoring

This signals that there might be need of some maintenance activity to restore the full operating potential. In simple terms, identifying the “health state” of our equipment. This early prevention reduces scrap, rework, and recalls, providing significant savings to the bottom line.

Product quality

Defect analysis: We understand defect data—and defect opportunities. AI is capable of leveraging metrics to allow manufacturers, job shops, and assembly plants to compare products of varying complexity. Variation analysis: We truly understand the variation introduced by time, across pieces, and within pieces. Our 3D control charts capture this analysis.

Improved Process Insight for Optimal Productivity

Support automated, semi-automated, and manual data collection

  • Configure automated alerts and notifications to improve collection consistency
  • Reduce errors by skipping manual transcription
  • Speed access to data, both in real-time and days, weeks, months, or even years after collection
  • Improve analysis with a centralized data repository that enables insight across lines and facilities
  • Prioritize improvements through enterprise-wide visibility
  • Easily create reports to meet executive, customer, or auditor inquiries

Achieving industrial efficiency

Manufacturers can gain real-time visibility into their suppliers’ shop floor quality data before nonconforming product even ships. This enhanced level of supplier monitoring can eliminate acceptance sampling and reduce inventories resulting in additional cost savings.

Optimize Quality Control & Process

AI helps in eliminating that overfill while still meeting net content requirements. This early prevention reduces waste of materials and effort and helps prevent the need to re-do work, providing significant savings to the bottom line.

Supply Chain Management

Given the vast amounts of data collected by industrial logistics, transportation and warehousing, being able to harness these data to drive operational performance can be a game changer.

Increase Safety

  • If a worker is not suitably dressed not wearing the correct PPE an alert is sent
  • Tracking worker location
  • Overseeing vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure
  • Alerting to environmental risks
  • Issuing information to remote workers